Hunt Will Run for Clackamas County Chair

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Contact: Alyson Kraus, 503-650-9434

State Representative Dave Hunt filed today to run for Clackamas County Chair in 2012.  The former Speaker of the Oregon House said he is committed to “working right here at home to build a stronger economy, infrastructure, services, and communities for Clackamas County families and businesses.”

Hunt, who served on the Oregon City School Board and the Clackamas County Citizen Involvement Committee before serving the last nine years as a State Representative, said his successful legislative work bringing transportation projects to Clackamas County, capital improvement projects to Clackamas Community College, early childhood services to local kids, increased funding for local domestic violence survivors, and health insurance to uninsured children translate directly into county needs.

“It’s time to get our county back to work, back on track, and moving forward again.  Clackamas County has amazing resources, but it will take thoughtful and balanced leadership to realize our county’s full potential,” said Hunt.  “My federal, state, and local public sector experience, along with my private sector work as executive director of the Association of Pacific Ports and the Columbia River Channel Coalition, has given me insight into the needs of our county and how we can best address  those challenges.  My family and I are very excited about this new opportunity for public service.”

Hunt’s wife Tonia serves as executive director of a non-profit organization based in Clackamas County.  Their two children, ages 12 and 16, attend Gladstone public schools.

“I have consulted with many local civic and business leaders and reflected long and hard about where I can be most effective and best serve my constituents who have elected me during these past five terms. And the clear answer – especially given my public and private sector work experience and the priority issues ahead -- is that I can do more serving as County Chair here at home,” said Hunt.

Hunt has already been endorsed for Clackamas County Chair by:

Barbara Roberts, former Governor of Oregon
Darlene Hooley, former U.S. Congresswoman
Kurt Schrader, U.S. Congressman, Canby
Ted Wheeler, Oregon State Treasurer
Brad Avakian, Oregon Labor Commissioner
Diane Rosenbaum, Oregon Senate Majority Leader
Carolyn Tomei, Oregon State Representative, Milwaukie
Chris Garrett, Oregon State Representative, Lake Oswego
Don Andersen, former Mayor of Oregon City
Mike Clarke, Mayor of Molalla
Dan Fowler, former Mayor of Oregon City
Kay Mordock, Mayor of Johnson City
Alice Norris, former Mayor of Oregon City
Jim Wright, former Mayor of Damascus

Several current and former Chamber of Commerce board chairs

And many other community leaders from across Clackamas County

A complete list of endorsements can be viewed at

Hunt also announced that he has already raised more than $50,000 in campaign contributions and pledges from over 100 individuals and local businesses.

Passing the Jobs and Transportation Act and the Healthy Kids Act in 2009 when he was House Speaker were two of Hunt’s most important legislative accomplishments.  Hunt has also passed legislation benefiting Clackamas County residents including increasing state troopers on our highways, protecting Willamette River salmon and sportfishermen from California sea lions, ending the faith healing defense for child abuse and neglect, protecting unincorporated communities from unwanted annexation, restricting the use of urban renewal, and streamlining business regulations.

“It’s been a deep honor helping my neighbors and serving my constituents during these nine years in the House.  I have a unique set of skills and experience that lends itself extremely well to serving as Clackamas County Chair and I am ready to get to work,” said Hunt.  “I’m going to run a positive campaign stressing my skills and my vision for Clackamas County’s future.”

Hunt said he will continue to serve as State Representative through the end of his current term, December 2012, including continuing to chair the House Transportation and Economic Development Committee.


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